Our Story

Founded in 2011, AUTOAQUA is committed to developing sophisticated, safe, and smart automatic aquarium products.



Today, under our brand, there are AUTOAQUA products in over 40 countries and has won warm praise from customers around the world.

AUTOAQUA stands for high build quality, assured security, and innovating design. Hundreds of aquarists have relied on AUTOAQUA for peace in mind. We are one of the leading global suppliers of smart hardware providers in aquarium, but we won't stand still. Our aim is to become the top leader in automatic aquarium area.


Our Ambitions

Pursuing excellent quality and technological innovation are the crucial part of our company culture and central to everything we do. By improving the safety protection and expanding the application of optical sensor technology, our goal is to disrupt the aquarium industry and be a leader in aquarium automation.

Our Innovation

AUTOAQUA offers a professional and comprehensive product family in three main area: Smart Automation System, Smart Monitor System, and Smart Security System. World changes fast but we always keep our original intentions in mind and has the courage to innovate.

Leading ATO Innovation

AUTOAQUA spearheads the aquarium auto-top-off system segment from developing the first-generation optical single sensor technology, equipped with patented “Quick Security Technology (QST)” and an exclusive “Siphon Break” design. Now we have successfully launched the third-generation product with high resolution and safety protection. By using the world's first patented infrared optical dual sensor, we significantly improve water level detection accuracy and ATO/AWC protection. AUTOAQUA users can fully rely and trust the safety of our aquarium automation system.

Qualify Pure Water

AUTOAQUA digital inline TDS is currently the most compact built-in water detection meter on the market. The titanium probe, with excellence corrosion resistance, highly improves the durability and accuracy. It allows customers control the changes in water quality easily and decide when is the best time to replace the filter. AUTOAQUA users can measure the water quality in a glance and have a pure clean water in any time.

Secure Your Aquarium

Temperature swings? Skimmer overflowing? Water flooding or lacking? AUTOAQUA security system is equipped with a super tiny and highly sensitive sensor, offering the protection of temperature, water level, and skimmer. Featured with a “Plug and Play” design and magnetic installation, setting is totally unnecessary. Our product also built in an immediate power pre-cut, a power failure automatic delay detection, and a power-on design to avoid malfunctions caused by power outages. AUTOAQUA users can rest easily and act before problems occur.

  • AutomationAutomation

  • MonitorMonitor

  • SecuritySecurity

The next frontier in intelligent aquarium product will come with the Wi-Fi IOA (Internet of Aquarium) products. With the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology, products with built-in Wi-Fi will enable the aquarists to control and supervise the aquarium systems anywhere at any time by APP with mobile devices.


For a Better Future

AUTOAQUA now holds numerous global marketing channels and strong distributors. With over decades of developments and multiple patented technologies, AUTOAQUA will keep developing new products to meet customers’ demands and welcome the era of Wi-Fi Internet of Aquarium.

We are here for one purpose, to help customers build a better world of aquarium, where hobbyist is free to have a joyful experience and peace in mind.