DC Water Pump vs Diaphragm Pump : Which Would Your Fish and Coral Choose?
Automation # 2| AUTOAQUA Insights

Having an Auto-Top-Off or Auto-Water-Change not only saves you a lot of times and works on a daily basis, but also experience a more stable salinity level and constant water level, keeping your tank inhabitants content and healthy.

AUTOAQUA provides a variety of ATO and AWC solutions, equipped with DC Pump and DC Diaphragm Pump which meets all aquarium enthusiasts need and fits different aquariums! We have summarized the comparison chart of our DC Pump and DC Diaphragm Pump for you to choose the best appropriate product for your aquarium more easily.


● DC Water Pump vs Diaphragm Pump Comparison Chart



● A buyer’s guide to AUTOAQUA Automation systems


  1. Choose the suitable Auto-Top-Off system for your aquarium.
  2. Choose the suitable Auto-Water-Change system for your aquarium.