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How AUTOAQUA Leading ATO/AWC Innovation?

With three pioneering technology - Patented Optical Sensor, Quick Security Technology, and Exclusive Siphon Break Design, AUTOAQUA rewrites the aqua concept and builds up a safer and effortless comprehensive aqua system.

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DC Water Pump vs Diaphragm Pump : Which Would Your Fish and Coral Choose?

We have summarized the comparison chart of our DC Pump and DC Diaphragm Pump for you to choose the best appropriate product for your aquarium more easily.

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Choose the suitable Auto Top Off system for your aquarium.

AUTOAQUA provides a variety of Auto Top Off solutions which meets all aquarium enthusiasts needs and fits different aquariums!

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Choose the suitable Auto Water Change system for your aquarium.

AUTOAQUA provides a variety of Auto Water Change Plus ATO solutions which meets all aquarium enthusiasts need and fits different aquariums!

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High Pressure Pump for water change with long distance reservoir

If you require a high head for a remote sump or AWC reservoir placed long away from the tank, AQUA Lifter Pump High Pressure can push water vertically high up to 60 feet (18 m) or horizontally to 600 feet (180 m) length.

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How a Smart ATO RO works?

Smart ATO RO is a reliable device to fill your RO or RO/DI water reservoir automatically. When the water level falls down to the low-level sensor, it will fill the reservoir up to the high-level sensor.

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Gravity Fed ATO with Solenoid

Gravity systems do not require a pump and simply rely on a mechanical float valve or DC Solenoid Vlave to open and close as the water level rises/falls.

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How to against the forward siphon when using Diaphragm pump?

The built-in Anti-Siphon Valve of AUTOAQUA Diaphragm Pump can resist the forward siphon pressure of 1 feet (30 cm). If user wants to increase the anti-siphon pressure, please additionally purchase an AUTOAQUA Anti-Siphon Valve.

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