Has worked great for two years

I have been running this system on my 30 AIO for around two years now and can attribute a lot of my success to this hardware. I have it dosing kalk in with my ATO and have it set to change some water out every twelve hours amounting to about 5 gallons a week. I have never had a problem with any of the pumps or the control system and I admittedly do less maintenance on the pumps than I should be. I would definitely recommend this system as it takes a lot of the chore out of weekly maintenance. Just keep the two reserve tanks topped off and you're good to go. I have my waste water drain directly to a sink in my basement.

client 1 Mark January 9, 2020 / Bulk Reef Supply


I purchased the Titanium S3 Digital Inline TDS Meter to replace the existing two probe meter that came with my RODI unit. I was looking something that was easy to read and had three probes. This meter was spot on.

The meter has three test probes so you can measure TDS on the input water, RO membrane, and output after the DI resin. By doing this you can quickly tell when you need to replace your RO membrane or perhaps you color changing DI resin wasn’t changing color that way it should. The real win for me was the bright easy to read LED. It really draws your attention to the TDS reading. Its like a beacon when the output reads anything other than ZERO.

The meter was well packaged, and each probe was capped with rubber caps to protect them in shipping. The probes also have an alignment mark on the side so when inserting them into the T-fitting you can easily verify that they are parallel in the water stream. (the directions show the mark and how it is aligned.). the install was simple and took me perhaps 10 min and most of that was routing the wires.

I am very happy with this unit and feel it was worth every penny spent.

client 1 TERRY December 7, 2019 / Marine Depot